Our Dragons and competing companies.

At the Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science on 22nd March we will be holding for the second year of our dragons den session.

Our companies pitcing this year are:

SAGA Diagnostics is a cancer genomics company focused on non-invasive “liquid biopsy”-based diagnosis and monitoring of cancer patients.  We are ushering in a new wave of precision medicine diagnostic solutions to improve patient outcomes.  SAGA provides molecular genetic tests and services for big pharma, academia, and healthcare.  Based on leading research from Lund University, our proprietary molecular genetic tests measure a powerful new type of biomarker — circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) — in body fluids such as a simple blood sample, in order to detect cancer, measure response to therapy, and decipher the cancer-specific DNA mutations that may be targetable by approved drugs or therapies currently in clinical trials.

Our technologies detect what others cannot, with unprecedented ultrasensitivity to a 0.001% lower limit of detection that is 100-fold improved compared to the competition.

SAGA is an exciting player with growing revenues in non-invasive cancer precision diagnostics.
Safer products for patients and consumers with the GARD technology (Genomic Allergen Rapid Detection) by SenzaGen.

In daily life and at our workplaces, we are exposed to chemicals found in for example cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products and dyes. These chemical sources may induce diseases such as contact allergy and respiratory irritation, which affects more than 20% of the western world population.

To prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals all substances must be tested. Historically, this has been done in vivo, using millions of harvested animals annually. However, animals are not humans and can only give us part of the explanation, providing an insufficient ground to product safety decision making. Authorities as well as public and economic interests require animal free methods.

This led to over ten years of research at Lund University, which resulted in GARD, an innovative high prediction safety test platform brought to market by SenzaGen. MedicPen’s business concept is to develop, manufacture and sell products that make it easier for patients to attend to their medication. The products shall be based on MedicPen’s patented innovation regarding separate handling of medicines up until the administration of the dose. The products shall be at the forefront of technology and be developed for integration in IT environments.

Who are our dragons this year?

Carsten Borring, AVP and Head of Listings & Capital Markets, Nasdaq Copenhagen

Carsten Borring, AVP and Head of Listings & Capital Markets, Nasdaq Copenhagen

Erica Toft, Founder and CEO of Silverdal Innovation Network

This years prize is a free entry to Genesis Conference which is run by One Nucleus on the 13th December in London, UK.

Our sponsor of this session is: