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Lucy Robertshaw has been running her own consultancy business for the past 4 years. Based near Stockholm, Sweden, the firm provides international business development services to organisations within the life science sector. Lucy started her career within the medical sector, later adding a HNC in Business Management and Administration. She has worked for AstraZeneca in the company’s Global Redeployment Project, assisting with site closures and laboratory equipment sales. Lucy has been working with Swedish and English clients such as APL, CR Competence, Liquidity Services and she is an active member of One Nucleus.


Magnus Bjorsne 2

Magnus Björsne

BioVentureHub – a different type of industry incubator

AstraZeneca R&D in Gothenburg invites Biotech, MedTech and Digital Health companies to place their business at the heart of a large pharma company. The model allows these organisations to tap into big pharma infrastructure and human capital with no strings attached. Two years post its launch, an update and future plans will be discussed.

After holding a series of managerial positions within the Cardiovascular Discovery Research Management, Dr Magnus Björsne moved to the Strategic Planning & Business Development organisation in 2006, where he has been leading the Cardiovascular Business Development team involved in the search, evaluation and transaction of M&As and licensing deals. Since 2014 Dr Björsne is leading the implementation of the AstraZeneca BioVentureHub – a novel approach to open innovation which allows smaller Biotechs and academic groups to work in close proximity to the skills and capabilities that resides within big pharma.

Petter Hartman
Medicon Valley Alliance

The State of Medicon Valley

The presentation will, based on “the state of medicon valley” analysis published by Øresundsinstituttet and Medicon Valley Alliance in November 2016, highlight synergies between Denmark and Sweden and central trends, key facts and figures, challenges and potentials of the region.

Petter Hartman is the CEO of Medicon Valley Alliance since June, 2015 and holds a Master of Political Science from University of Lund, Sweden. At Medicon Valley Alliance, Petter Hartman is involved in future strategies for the Medicon Valley region, general management within the public sector, project management, and pharmaceutical research & development. Petter comes from a post as Funding Manager at Medicon Valley Alliance. Prior to joining MVA Petter worked for the Secretariat for Interreg IV A Öresund-Kattegat- Skagerrak, Copenhagen as a project consultant with special responsibility for issues concerning cross-border relations and labor-market integration projects.

Harriet Fear

Harriet Fear
One Nucleus

GREAT Britain and Sweden: life science and healthcare opportunities for collaboration between hot-beds of excellence

Harriet Fear has been Chief Executive of One Nucleus for 8 years. She was previously a British Diplomat serving in over 17 countries. One Nucleus is the largest international membership organisation for Life Sciences and Healthcare in Europe and won Best Global Membership Organisation in 2016. Harriet is also a Business Ambassador for the Prime Minister. She received an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

Chris Milton NEW crop 2017 close up

Chris Milton
J A Kemp

Building an IP position that is attractive to investors and partners – establishing both your own IP and your FTO

Tips for building an IP position, including:

·         Focussing patent and trade mark filings on the ultimate commercial goals of the company.

·         Ensuring that new patent applications are filed to cover scientific findings during product development.

·         Assessing and improving the company’s FTO position.

Chris Milton has experience of patent work in all aspects of chemistry, including pharmaceuticals, drug formulations, polymers and catalysts. He works with a variety of clients, from universities and start-up companies to large multi-national corporations. Chris advises clients in the management of their patent portfolios and prosecutes patent applications in the UK, Europe and throughout the rest of the world.


Anna Sandström

The challenge of building fruitful collaborations in breakthrough science

It’s a long, expensive and risky road to use breakthrough science to discover, develop and deliver treatments that can help patients. It is necessary but challenging to form relevant fruitful collaborations between researchers in different sectors. How does a big pharma company like AstraZeneca address this and what policies can spur such endeavours?

A physicist by training, with a PhD in Molecular Biophysics from Karolinska Institutet and a career at Government Agencies such as Vinnova and the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation as well as the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences, Anna Sandström is today Science Relations Director at AstraZeneca. Her role includes to catalyze new R&D collaborations with academia, companies and third party groups and to contribute to life science polices spurring a vibrant and internationally competitive innovation system in Sweden and EU.


Jennie Ekbeck
Umeå Biotech Incubator

How can Scandinavia be best in class?

A lot has happened the last 20 years within the industry. Larger companies merge, today many innovations comes from academia and smaller biotech, big pharma starts incubators and they are more and more acting like an investor. What can Scandinavia do to be an important factor in the future Life science industry?

Since 2012, Jennie Ekbeck is the CEO of Umeå Biotech Incubator which is one of the best life science incubators in Sweden. In 2015 she received the Innovation Angel of the year award by Veckans Affärer and Vinnova for she works to create better conditions for the life science startups. Jennie’s motto is ”you must not think you should know.” (du får inte tro, du måste veta)

Anne-Marie Wenthzel

Anne-Marie Wenthzel
Sprint Bioscience

Not what, but how – our way to success

The guiding light for the company from its founding until today, is not ‘what’ is to be done, but ‘how’ to do it. With unconventional thinking, a streamlined process and commercial focus implemented throughout the organization, we found our way to success.

Anne-Marie Wenthzel is the Vice President of Business Development at Sprint Bioscience, a drug development company listed at First North Premier. She has a science background from the field of diabetes. With a strong sales and marketing background, Anne-Marie joined Sprint Bioscience in 2011. She has been responsible for building the business development and been instrumental in two multimillion-dollar deals with Bayer, Germany and Petra Pharma, US.


Anette Orheim
Medicon Village

More coffee brings more good – meetings create the dynamic at Medicon Village Science Park

Medicon Village is growing – and not just organically. We’ve also got new companies moving in. But we want more. So we are planning a new three-building complex with six floors. The way we are structured means that we are really an ecosystem for innovation, giving small companies the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of larger ones. All services and competencies on site help grow your business. Have a cup of coffee – and get introduced to a culture of sharing

With a degree in Social Science and Communication, Anette Orheim started out her carrier at Ifö Sanitär. She then continued to Skånetrafiken, as a public relations coordinator. At AstraZeneca, Anette Orheim held positions as a Public Relations manager at the Swedish MC and in Global Marketing.  Anette Orheim then continued to Lund University, as a Communications Director and also in External Affairs.  Being a pioneer as part of a small team starting up Medicon Village, Medicon Village is now an established science park.

Ketil Widerberg
Oslo Cancer Cluster

Oslo Cancer Cluster: How we work and collaborate

Ketil F. Widerberg, MBA, is General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster. He builds on a long experience in realizing new projects within oncology in the biopharmaceutical company Photocure ASA in collaboration with academic institutions and international commercial partners.

Ketil has a broad operational experience ranging from explorative project management to being responsible for business development.

Widerberg’s educational background spans from preclinical medical school to management studies. He also holds a MBA from the University of Cambridge.



Kerstin Jakobsson
Medicon Village

Cell Therapy initiative together with Region Skåne and Lund University

The paradigm shift to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) creates challenges in terms of how to make these therapies commercially available. Medicon Village together with Region Skåne and Lund University plan to create ”a cell- and gene therapy centre” located at Medicon Village Science Park.

Kerstin Jakobsson has a MSc in biochemistry and more than 25 years of experience from international business development including CEO of start-up companies. She has also worked as sales director for HemoCue AB and marketing manager for Foss A/S and Perstorp Analytical AB. She has experience, as board member of start-up companies and is eg board member of SmiLe incubator. Since the start of Medicon Village, she is member of the management team.


Nicola millard

Nicola J. Millard
BT Global Services Innovation Team

6D’s shaping the future of work

Dr Nicola Millard heads up Customer Insight & Futures in BT’s Global Services Innovation Team.  Despite working for a technology company, Nicola isn’t a technologist and combines psychology with futurology to try and anticipate what might be lying around the corner for both customers and organisations (sadly, her crystal ball is broken).

Nicola recently celebrated her 26th year in BT. She has done a number of jobs around the BT business, including user interface design, customer service and business consulting. She was involved with a number of BT ”firsts”, including the first application of intelligent systems into BT’s call centres and BT’s initial experimentation with home working.

Nicola got her PhD from Lancaster University in 2005 on human-computer interaction, published her first book in 2009 and now spends most of her time doing research, writing blogs, articles and white papers.

Nicola regularly pops up on radio and TV around the world, including appearances on the BBC. She has done a TED talk about why people accept or reject technologies and is also a judge on a number of award panels, including the Institute of Customer Service, the CCMA and the Association of Business Psychology awards. In 2014, she was the recipient of the ‘Outstanding Industry Contribution’ award from the UK Contact Centre Forum.

When she’s not doing all that, Nicola travels around the world presenting at conferences and running workshops with an assortment of BT’s large multinational corporate clients including banks, government, travel companies and retailers, to name but a few.

Niclas Nilsson

Niclas Nilsson
LEO Pharma

Drug Research without borders – Open Innovation in Pharma

  • What can We, You, and the Region gain from new business models of applied Open Innovation
  • How to actually disrupt traditional ways of partnering – and Why
  • Hands on example with Pharma Open Innovation

Niclas Nilsson is spearheading an initiative to use Open Innovation at the core of drug research with focus on science and external collaborations at LEO Pharma, a pharmaceutical company in Denmark focusing on dermatology and inflammatory skin disease. Prior to setting up the LEO Pharma Open Innovation platform, Niclas was heading the molecular pharmacology department.

With passion for pushing boundaries and as a strong believer in inter-disciplinary science he is now exploring how to disrupt traditional partnering to promote mutually beneficial and more open ways to collaborate across barriers and borders.

Niclas holds two degrees from Lund University in Sweden, PhD in Medical Sciences and MSc in Molecular Genetics, with a focus on and drug discovery. The current role as heading the R&D Open Innovation initiative focuses on strategic development and implementation of an open innovation platform to catalyze external innovation and fuel the drug research pipeline, expand disease understanding and boost corporate innovation with opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t happen.


Anders Lönnberg
Swedish Government

Where is Swedish Life Science Heading?

In 2015 the Swedish Government appointed Anders Lönnberg as a National Coordinator for Life Science. The work involves giving the government suggestions for changes and improvements within the Swedish life science eco-system and to coordinate the government’s life science actions between the Ministries of Enterprise and Innovation, Health and Social Affairs and Education and Research. It also includes coordinating the life science-sector i.e. industry, academia and healthcare.  Anders is also a member of the Stockholm County Administrative Board. He has a background as State Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, member of the Swedish Parliament and as chairman of the Greater Stockholm Diabetes Association

Björn Ursing DSC00856

Björn Ursing

Where is SwedenBIO Nordic Life Science Days –  a program update

Björn Ursing is the program director at SwedenBIO and in charge of the program for Nordic Life Science days and other events run by SwedenBIO. Björn Ursing has an academic background, latest from being Associate Professor in bioinformatics at Karolinska Insitutet. Since then Björn has worked in industry in both Sweden and Denmark and in inward investment in Umeå.


Peter Birk

The Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship – how to leverage a great knowledge potential

The Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) is an elite mentoring program for promising life science startup companies with world-class mentors. NOME matches Nordic startups with experienced and high profile life science executives from the Nordic countries and the US to help them reach their goals and milestones. The program is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and has local partners in Oslo, Lund, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Peter Birk has his background in the Danish biotech industry. He has a Ph.D. in molecular biology and has held managing positions at Pharmexa, Ace Biosciences and EpiTherapeutics. Currently, Peter is business accelerator and investment manager at Accelerace and manages a portfolio of startup companies primarily within the drug development area. Peter is also responsible for the NOME mentoring initiative that is operated by Accelerace.


Diana Muftic
Novo Seeds

Building and funding a global biotech

Life science is global business. Diseases see no national borders and therefore developing treatments has to be done with global ambitions. This means to succeed in biotech industry, it is essential to look for experts, capabilities and funding outside of regional borders. At Novo Seeds we start and grow our companies to succeed on the global market – this is our take on how to think about funding and building a successful biotech.

Diana Muftic joined Novo in April 2016 from Chiesi where she worked in Business Development, heading special care and orphan indications team. Diana started her career in Healthcare M&A in London, at Credit Suisse and Torreya Partners. She has also worked in a VC-backed biotech in the UK, where she was part of building up a new R&D division, including a company fundraise. Diana holds a DPhil in Radiation Oncology and Biology from University of Oxford.

christine svard sp

Christine Svärd

The role of the institutes in the innovation process – creating value for our partners

Christine Svärd (MSc chem eng, Msc Inn&entr.) is head of the Marketing & Business Development team in the division Bioscience and materials at RISE. She has a vast experience in the field of entrepreneurship and has prior to joining RISE cofounded 3 companies where 2 were acquired. She has a good understanding of what our customers and partners need, and utilizes this knowledge in the business development process.


Ebba Fåhraeus
SmiLe Incubator

The Connected Incubator

Ebba Fåhraeus is the CEO of SmiLe Incubator, a life science incubator located at Medicon Village in Lund. She has a background as a senior Business Development Professional and Non-Executive Director with international experience from Marketing and Business Development on strategic level in noted life science companies, coupled with a M.Sc. in Business & Economics from Stockholm Business School. She currently serves as a board director at Faculty of Medicin at Lund University, Chairman of Connect South, and on the policyholders board at Skandia.

Anna Törner

Anna Törner and Gösta Hiller

Current trends in drug development from a service provider’s perspective

Working in a consultancy gives a broad overview of  contemporary drug development projects and trends in Swedish Life Science. SDS has been an independent service provider for 5 years and have worked with about 60-80 different drug development projects during these years.

Are there changes in how virtual drug development companies approach early drug development projects? What kind of projects are becoming more & more fashionable?

Anna Törner is Managing Director for Scandinavian Development Services (SDS), a Swedish consultancy company focused exclusively on drug development and biostatistics. A common project within SDS is taking early projects from academia to phase I/II clinical trials in commercial settings. Anna has a background from regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical industry and research within the academia. Anna holds a PhD in Medical Science from Karolinska Institutet.

Gösta Hiller is Senior Advisor in Clinical Development for Scandinavian Development Services (SDS). Gösta has a broad background from preclinical and clinical drug development and project management at AstraZeneca.  His driving force is to bring in early cross-functional planning and expertise in projects that facilitates companies to do the right science and studies. Gösta holds a PhD in Medical Science from Lund University.

March 30th, 2017
Medicon Village AB (Restaurang Inspira)
Scheelevägen 2, Lund

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